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“I am intimately familiar with the methods of containing felines, including the Affordable Cat Fence. I have recommended this system to hundreds of our members.”

– Joan Lamont, President, C.A.T.S. Northeast, Inc.

”It works, it works, it works! Thanks again for such a marvelous product, and for sending more posts for free when I miscounted. The little acrobats are wandering in and outdoors freely, the humans are de-stressing, and the litter box is showing much less need for cleaning already. After the first few forays, they haven’t even tested the fence–you have a great grasp of cat psychology! And even though they aren’t free to wander the neighborhood, going out when they like agrees with them–cats CAN grin.“

– Elanor Steffee, Lakewood, Colorado

“NOT JUST FOR CATS! I have an 8 month old German Pinscher. She discovered that she could jump my 6 ft. privacy fence with ease. Another GP owner suggested “cat fencing” and I found Affordable Cat Fencing during my online search. We put it up with ease on a Saturday afternoon and it is working very well. My 30 lb. little girl still tries; jumping to the top of the fence and hanging on with her front paws. She pushes and bites to no avail. The netting that I feared would be too flimsy for a head-strong dog is indeed VERY strong. The company is GREAT. I ordered on a Tuesday, they shipped Wednesday and I received it on Thursday. The people are very nice and great to work with. I highly recommend them to anyone with any species of pet that can scale a fence.”

– Ann Disnard, dog owner in Arlington, Texas

“We are extremely satisfied with your fence. We feel that we have saved many of our cats’ lives by keeping them out of the nearby street.”

– Joe Wilkinson, Ph.D., psychologist and animal behaviorist

“A few months ago we ordered your Cat Fence product. This after installing a 5′ high privacy fence which on first visit, our cat immediately vaulted to the top. Luckly, I was able to grab him before he jumped out of our yard. We installed your product (received only a few days after ordering) and it took us just 2 evenings to complete the job..close to 200′ of fence. WOW…poor Boris! On the first try, he made it to the top of the privacy fence but encountered your product.The soft plastic netting was NOT to his liking and he let go and dropped back down. He did not come close to reaching the top! He tried a few more times and that was it…no more attempts. The generous quantity of mesh that you sent us allowed us to seal up any tempting ‘openings’, i.e. where the fence pole is ‘flush’ with the house wall, etc. It’s a great product, works as advertised, sent quickly and easy to install and it works!!!! A great marketing concept!!!!!!!! Thank You!”

– Leo White & Barbara Nelson, Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania

“Just wanted to let you know that I just put my cat fence up last Saturday and I have to say that I am already so very, very happy with it that I can hardly explain it. No more stress and worrying each time I let my cat outside. I figure this will put years on both of our lives…mine from lack of stress and his because he is now safe and still can enjoy the outdoors. Thanks so much for providing this wonderful solution.”

– Pat Moulton, Spokane, Washington

“I am sure that your fence, quite literally, has been a lifesaver. Because of your concept, my cats are able to go outside, but I don’t have to worry about their safety. I commend you on an excellent idea, and I hope more and more pet guardians find out about your great product.”

– Steve Best, Ph.D., University of Texas
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