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While cats are excellent climbers, they won’t climb on unstable surfaces. We provide an almost-invisible barrier (polypropylene netting) that attaches to solid steel stanchions angled to prevent escape from your yard, patio or deck. The Affordable Cat Fence…

  • Keeps your cats in your yard
  • Keeps other animals out
  • Lets you move litter boxes outside to any covered area
  • Allows your cats to safely enjoy the outdoors!

We provide you with all materials and clear, easy-to-follow instructions. All you’ll need are common hand tools (An electric screwdriver and/or electric drill and scissors). Our fence…

  • Fits any height wood, masonry, wire or chain link fence
  • Can be taken down and reinstalled if you move
  • Will last for years in all weather conditions

Cost varies according to the size of your yard and the number of gates. The basic cost is $2.50 per linear foot of fence, including all the stanchions, hardware and netting.

You can use our order form to estimate how much your cat enclosure solution will cost before shipping.

Most orders will ship within two business days.

Yes, though it is marginally less effective at doing so.

Yes, the system can be used on any fencing, including masonry and vinyl. It is also adaptable so that if you move to a house with a different type of fencing, you can bring your cat fence with you and continue to use it.

We offer extensions for the system for an additional cost. Most customers will not need these.

Call us and we will help you troubleshoot your fence. We guarantee our product will work, and we will help ensure this.

We recommend purchasing metal flashing at your local hardware store and stapling it around the trunk of the tree to prevent your cats from climbing it. In the past we have sold a tree barrier kit, however we have found the metal flashing to be a cheaper and easier solution.

Yes, if you are unhappy with our cat fence system for any reason, you can return it for a full refund (less shipping charges) within 90 days of purchase.

We have found that some customers who have had the fence longer than 15 years have needed to purchase replacement netting, however the metal stanchions will never need to be replaced except in cases where they are subjected to repeated heavy snowfall. If any of your parts need to be replaced within one year of purchase, we will replace them free of charge.

Breakage is more likely with heavy, wet snow. Some customers remove the first two attachments of the netting during the winter, allowing the netting to droop so it doesn’t accumulate snow (and keep their cats inside their homes). If any of your stanchions break due to snow, call us. We will replace any parts within a year of purchase for free. We offer special pricing for replacement parts for existing customers

Black. The netting is very difficult to see from a distance greater than 10ft.

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